Anniversary of a New Life

It's Thankful Thursday and a "day" for me. Nine years ago today I started fresh. I became a new creation in Christ.

There is a story, but no need to go into detail. I had been longing for something more. More understanding, more peace, more love and more truth. I had so many questions that were answered, and so many avenues I wondered down, but they all left me wanting more. What was I missing? Because I still felt the disconnect.

So I walked alone, looked up at the sky, and asked the question. "If you are who you say you are, then show yourself to me. What am I missing? Show yourself." Oh a challenge!?!

And He did in a big way. BIG! All the while speaking to me in a big gentle voice. "Samarah, you do know me and I am who you know me to be. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the Creator of all things. You are missing One. You know me, but you do not know my Son. He IS. See Him now, know Him now, love Him now. Now Go."

I saw His face. I went and told them. I screamed "I'm a fool, I'm a fool!" and Russell knew. He held me and said "Oh thank God you know now." Russell and Corey prayed with me, and we talked about how my old body will become a new creation in Him. I am a masterpiece.

He is faithful to me, He loves me, He trusts me, and He LONGS for me to return HOME. And I will wait for Him. After a few years I thought His greatness and wonder in my life would fade, but it's only gotten stronger. I thought I would turn away after countless worldly disappointments, but He holds me closer. I worried that His truth would go back to the fairy tale, I once thought it was, but His word is REAL perfection backward and forward. One God speaking through many, all telling of The One Love coming to bring back many to One God. I wondered if my faith in Him would be seen as "High and Mighty", but His example of a humble servant has been the broken record in my mind.

Finally, I am NOT in control. I rest in His arms during the doubt and hold His hands when called on His mission. At last my fate is sealed and peace is restored. I lean not on my understanding, but His. It is in His hands. Where He is, I will be, holding Me. My true Romance.

Happy Anniversary my Sweet Beloved.

"My lover spoke and said to me,
arise my darling,
my beautiful one, and come with me.
See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone."
Song of Songs 2:10-11


Thankful Thursday

Just one....Russell helped me to become a dog lover.

I was once afraid of dogs, did not like their smell, and never dreamed of enjoying sloppy kisses. Russell got O'hura as a puppy 6 weeks into our relationship, that will be 10 years in October. She is a great, loving, sneaky character. She loves my children. We both love to dance in the yard together. I love her sweet smile greeting us when we get home. The way her tails wags over her back and right side, because it's not just a regular tail...it's curly and precious. She always paws the ground and circles 3 times before laying down for the night.

Cajun, our puppy, was Russell's dream dog. Growing up with labs all his life, he always said he wanted another as an adult. Cajun is precious, my baby boy. I fell in love at first sight. Seeing how O'hura was Russell's first little girl, Cajun was my boy. Our family feels complete with him...it was 3boys and 3girls. I like even numbers. He is fun, happy, loving, and smart. I love his deep brown eyes and love to please. He is super fast, loves to play, and is a so funny in water!

We miss our pups and can't wait to move in with them by our sides. My children miss their playmates; I know they will cherish their relationships with their dogs so much when older. Here's to O'hura and Cajun, no one can pronounce her name and he will forever be a coon-ass. This is what you get when you watch Marley and Me.