Love Wins

I'm tired of labels.
We are too busy trying to define our
emotions, feelings, dreams, beliefs, thoughts, ideas...
in a neat acceptable package upon presentation,
and as a listener we are instantly prepared with the rebuttal of our own definition
(as if we were in competition),
that we fail to really hear one another.

We are so focused on interjecting our definition for someone else's experience,
to make it comfortable for us,
that we fail to hear that heart of our brothers and sisters.

WE get in the way.

I'm thankful for faith.
Maybe it's more of my Type A personality (routine grounds me, I'm a dancer, 5,6,7,8),
but faith keeps me going.
Faith in whatever.
Faith, I'll wake up tomorrow.
Faith, my son will continue to turn his homework in on time.
Faith, my daughter will slow down and choose her words wisely.
Faith, I'll choose to see the good, before I lean on my past encounters with humanity.

I'm solid in my walk, it feels good.
Age and experience lead me to focus more on how I can be of service,
than the importance of opinions and judgments pressed by others on how I should worship.
Doesn't serve me, doesn't serve them, doesn't serve anyone...that's hell in a hand basket.

WE get in the way.

Have you ever watched the innocence drain from the eyes of a child?
I'm not talking about days, months, years later when bitterness crept in and robbed us all.
I'm talking about the exact second it happens.
I will never look at a seven year old and four year old the same way again.

It's is so painful. Constant pain, you tolerate.
You put your pain aside and do whatever it takes to restore whatever you can for their happiness.
They didn't have a choice.
It's so painful, that you cannot witness anymore pain...anywhere.
Nightly your heart prays for peace, because your child's experience is just one of stories out of a billions of children, young and old.
Her children could have been my children, and mine could have been hers
They are not.

WE all needed peace.

Chronic pain and stress are serious subjects to my heart.
NO matter how painful, hard and humbling it is to admit,
I will always need professional help to work on my emotional and mental wellness.
It is, what it is.
My threshold for stress, chaos, and strife are extremely low, seriously.
Limitations on local and global news are necessary.
After so many personal losses, I mourn for everyone in pain.
Mothers, Fathers, Husbands, Wives, Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters...
May be different stories, different circumstances, but pain is present.
I've known them all. Same heart, same pain.

WE all need peace.

Two years ago a man started his journey of rehabilitation.
Two years ago three children's perception of their life was altered.
Two years ago she wrote to me and asked speak.
In the presence of a professional (per my request; her counselor)
She confirmed everything I already knew.
She apologized for her ex-husband's actions, her participation in whatever way that might have been hurtful to my children and me, and she asked for forgiveness.
After a few choice words that built up within me for five years, I validated the pain she and her husband inflicted on my family, and accepted her apology.
We left the appointment and we started over,
"Hi, I'm Samarah Hays. And you are?"
"I'm Kim."

WE got out of the way and allowed peace to restore us.
We won.
Our children will win.
If others want to join, so be it.
If not, please move out of The Way.
I believe it's ALL possible.
I believe in the GOOD things coming.
I believe in LOVE and it's healing power.
I believe Love Wins, every single time.

This is just my experience.
Maybe it will shed light on your perception of:
the world, a personal experience, or pain and suffering.
Whatever the circumstance,
believe that Love is the answer to all questions and easily heard by every heart willing to listen.