Let's cover a few things you seem to be looking over, because judging from Monday's interaction you're not the sharpest tool in the shed. Before we get started, some legal advice: don't talk to the victim in any case without your lawyer being present. It's not appropriate. Even though I'm glad I have evidence of your piss poor character, evidence you're a bad lair, and a great material for the Gregory Brothers to shift your bull into a catchy song, YOUR lawyer will not be so happy. You don't wanna waste all your hard earned dough; your children NEED IT!

#1. Don't put words in my mouth. I never made you out to be a monster, that is something you came up with all on your own. You ran from a burning father and husband, from witnesses helping you (sitting you down three different times because you tried to run), and from a fire truck that came five minutes after you crashed the car. FACT. I simply call you what you are, a coward.

#2. Unless you are ready to apologize, which means admitting you are wrong and showing remorse for you actions, do not approach the victim of this crime. Yes, my children and I are the victims in this case, Gwinnett County Court System informs me every month of this FACT. Apparently, they ALSO feel there is enough EVIDENCE to charge you with FOUR indictments of Vehicular Homicide and Neglect. FACT! This is not my fight, I already won that one...remember? It was about four years ago when your lawyers advised you to roll over. FACT! I'm not there to prove anything; I'm there to represent my children! I KNOW what happened and I don't lose sleep trying to convince you of what I believe...that's YOU.

#3. Note, when you are backed into a corner by the courts and your lawyer knows you are such a lost cause that he doesn't make time to show up for you, stop talking about yourself to me. No one cares about your suffering. Until you lose a child or have to tell your children they lost their parent...DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT SUFFERING. The only reason you suffer is because you are not treating your real affliction...you WERE driving the car that night, you ARE responsible for the death of Russell, and you LEFT his burning body in a ditch. FACT! 

#4. Choose your words wisely. I NEVER testified nor do I have a testimony. Hello genius, you haven't been to trial yet. I simply told the investigator what I saw and it wasn't flames. You have no clue of what I saw or how well I remember that night.

#5. Irrelevant. It is irrelevant if Russell asked you one time or many times to drive the car he told his friend looked like a "cheesy calendar car for boys in middle school", YOU were in the driver's seat leaving the driveway. So stop waving your hands around, your body language screams, ACTING, LAIR, etc. Everyone else heard you ask Russell in the basement at the bar. It was around 7:30 and I heard you ask four times, FACT! Only you and Josh Price say Russell asked; which is funny considering you and Josh contradict each other on which direction you turned out of the neighborhood OR just par for course for you fools.

#6. Which brings me to my next point, be objective and borrow a brain. Yes, I'm going to determine what I believe upon reviewing the evidence, not what I "want to believe", but objectively reading through the material. Like the depositions of your ex-wife Kim, Josh and Rachel Price, and the Garners. Your ex-wife was totally lying for you (I've highlighted the page, it's pretty funny) which is the reason why I don't believe her, (not because she cheated on you) but good job throwing her under the bus. Wonder what she would say today? Maybe you can confront her the next time you're in court together. The Price's are clueless and it's sad they believe you; they'd probably buy a car from you too. And then we come to the Garners, WOW. Yep, those two men are sorely disappointed in you, boy. It started when you refused to go back to the scene the first time, and a second time, and a third. AND you forgot your "four fire extinguishers", darn....you might have to run back and get them.

#7. Grow a pair and get yourself checked. For the love of everything that is good and holy, please do not whine to me about your ex-wife cheating on you...like you are "suffering here, there's a lot of suffering here". What did you think was going to happen, when you chose to run, lie, and cheat together. The DEATH of a loved one is nothing like a divorce; it is insulting for ANYONE to compare a divorce to the loss of a spouse or child (just for future reference). You had a choice to end your marriage, I DID NOT!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO, CRY ME A RIVER!!!! Your wife (a liar) doesn't want to sleep with the coward and liar anymore... AND you're surprised!?!?! I don't know who would...Oh wait. Yes, I do and so did Russell. Weird.

#8. Be a MAN. Way to wait until my dad wasn't there to confront me, classy. Character, true character. Again, you're coward.

#9. Don't underestimate me. Don't for any reason think that I am naive as to how this all will play out in court. I UNDERSTAND completely how the evidence will be presented and what the jury needs to find you guilty on every count. I AM RESOLVED in the HUGE chance that because there was not one living soul who can testify they saw your hands on the wheel at the time of impact, you'll slide under the radar. So when you think this will be over because the courts are done with you, it won't be. This will haunt you for the rest of your life. There aren't enough conversations you can have with me or any one else to take that memory away from you, until you come clean. If you were innocent you wouldn't care what kind of monster I made you out to be; why does my opinion matter to you so much that you have to convince me of your innocence? Classic guilt move...get a counselor. Truth moves forward; Lairs spend their lives convincing themselves of what they want to be true. I'm settle in the truth, it's called peace. You might get there one day, we're all still praying for you. For real.

#10. Prepare or Plea. YOU WILL be held accountable for the other counts against you. You are a neglectful coward. FACT! So instead of wasting your sorry excuse for a story, your poor explanation for your "flash backs",  and your ridiculous hand gestures on someone who has nothing to do with Gwinnett County Court (that would be me). Go to your LAWYER and start your plea process.